Solve Assignment M.Ed.(Teacher Education)

Solved Assignments Spring 2022 Semester M.Ed. In Teacher Education

Semester: 1
6505 Evaluation Islamic System of Education Download
6507 Educational Measurement Download
831 Foundations of Education Download
837 Educational Research Download
838 Curriculum Development and Instruction Download
840 Educational Psychology Download
849 Thesis Download
Semester: 2
6552 Textbook Development-I Download
6553 Textbook Development-II Download
826 Elementary Education Download
827 Secondary Education Download
828 Higher Education Download
829 Teacher Education in Pakistan Download
849 Thesis (Continued) Download

Programme Details Of M.Ed. In Teacher Education

Programme Name:M.Ed. In Teacher Education
Introduction:The Department of Teacher Education was established in 1985 and was bifurcated into Secondary and Elementary Teacher Education Departments in July 2003. Its programmes aim at imparting academic and professional knowledge and training to in-services and pre service teachers and scholars.
Admission Requirement:BA/BSC and B.Ed/BS Ed with 2nd Division in both degrees.
Selection Process:All eligible candidates will be granted Admission subject to fulfilling Eligibility criteria.
Duration:1 Year
Medium of Instruction:English
Teaching Methodology:The University allots Study Centre and Tutors for the Students to get guideline accordingly. A student has to secure passing marks in Assignments as well as in final exams to successfully complete concerned Educational Programme.
AIOU Credits Required:36 Credit Hours
Course Required:Semester: 1
1. Evaluation Islamic System of Education-6505
2. Educational Measurement and -6507
3. Foundations of Education-831
4. Educational Research-837
5. Curriculum Development and Instruction-838
6. Educational Psychology-840
7. Thesis -849

Semester: 2
1. Textbook Development-I-6552
2. Textbook Development-II-6553
3. Elementary Education-826
4. Secondary Education-827
5. Higher Education-828
6. Teacher Education in Pakistan-829
7. Thesis (Continued)-849

Elective / Major Courses: 
Workshop:At the end of each semester
Practical:Teaching Practice
Viva:In case student opts thesis

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