9th Class Pak Studies Past Papers

Do you want to download 9th class Pak Studies past papers of Punjab boards in PDF format, Congratulations! You have come to the correct place. On our website, you may get all past papers of different board.

Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education

  • Bahawalpur Board.
  • D.G.Khan Board.
  • Faisalabad Board.
  • Gujranwala Board.
  • Lahore Board.
  • Multan Board.
  • Rawalpindi Board.
  • Sargodha Board.
  • Sahiwal Board


Past Paper 2019

Pak Studies-9-BWP-(G1-G2)-19.pdf

Pak Studies-9-GUJ-(G1-G2)-19.pdf

Pak Studies-9-SGD-(G1-G2)-19.pdf

Pak Studies-9-MTN-(G1-G2)-19.pdf

Pak Studies-9-LHR-(G1-G2)-19.pdf

Pak Studies-9-DGK-(G1-G2)-19.pdf

Pak Studies-9-RWP-(G1-G2)-19.pdf

Pak Studies-9-FBD-(G1-G2)-19.pdf

Pak Studies-9-SWL-(G1-G2)-19.pdf

Past Paper 2018

Pak Studies-9-BWP-(G1-G2)-18.pdf

Pak Studies-9-GUJ-(G1-G2)-18.pdf

Pak Studies-9-SGD-(G1-G2)-18.pdf

Pak Studies-9-MTN-(G1-G2)-18.pdf

Pak Studies-9-LHR-(G1-G2)-18.pdf

Pak Studies9-DGK-(G1-G2)-18.pdf

Pak Studies-9-RWP-(G1-G2)-18.pdf

Pak Studies-9-FBD-(G1-G2)-18.pdf

Pak Studies-9-SWL-(G1-G2)-18.pdf

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